Monday, March 19, 2012

Nike Free Run Review

"I have recently taking up running to train for a marathon, but now find it to be a must for fun. I baught these shoes because with flat feet I wanted to have the most natural feel, minimalist, shoes. These were fit perfect to me, and feel great. I have started to run more natural on the balls of my feet as we were meant to, and have cut my time on running miles faster than I thought I ever would. I would recommend these shoes to anyone."

"The Left shoe was mabe perfect according to specs and fit very well. The right shoe was not put together the same as the left and thuse further relocated the lace holes. so the shoes look a little funky right nect to eachother but I use them for running and they feel great. Besides you cant tell the right shoe was clied together a half inch off when i'm running. I thought about returnig the shoes but didnt want to deal withthe hassel, pluse I needed them to get back running.
The shoes feel like im running in my socks. They feel great and are light as air.. So far they are holding up with great wear and durability.
Thanks Nike.."

"I was really on the fence for buying these shoes, but if you need new running shoes these are the ones to get. They slip on like socks but not feel loose when you run. All the materials are amazing, the shoe laces can be double knotted and are easyly untied by hand unlike other shoes, but when you run the double knott holds tight. My only problem is if you wear these while walking out side and go through ice or slush the ice stays in the cracks and will cause that wet squeeking sound as you walk untill all the ice melts. Otherwise its the best shoe I've had."

"This is just a super-comfortable shoe. Great for running, but I also love it when I'm spinning as the flexibility helps to allow me to work on my pedal stroke. Haven't taken advantage of the Nike+ option yet, but I look forward to being able to do so. My only quibble with the shoe (and this goes for all of the Free running series) is that the sole is white. Orther than that, it's just a fantastic shoe and I'm looking to make my next pair of shoes the Free Trainers."

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