Monday, March 19, 2012

Nike Free Run Review

1. "I bought these shoes just to try something different. I've been intrigued by the whole 'barefoot running' concept for a while, but these are my first pair of minimalist shoes. I run on all types of surfaces: road, trail, track, and treadmill. These shoes are basically for flat surfaces, but I was suprised at how well they performed during trail runs (only downside is getting mud and rocks stuck in the tread, but this does not impeed on the run). I was afraid these would feel rough on trail runs, but actually they feel great since they flex and conform to all the different surfaces. I def feel much more in tune with the run, although at first it is a bit of a learning curve (calves killed me for the first 2-3 weeks). All in all, I would recommend these shoes to any type of runner. 4/5 stars, only for fear they won't hold up due to trail running."

2. "I can not say enough about how great this running shoe is. I have always had trouble finding good running shoes as most of them would give me pain in feet and shins do to poor fit. These shoes were very comfortable and cause me no pain when running in them. To break in a pair of shoes I usually ramp up the distances, but with these I ran 10 miles the first day out of the box with no pain.
As long as you get the right size the shoes are very form fitting. Very lightweight and increased flexibilty and plenty of cushion due to this great design. I can not speak to much about the durability as i have only put about 50 miles on them but so far they are holding up very well."

3. "Loved them, I just turned 50 and just ran my fastest marathon wearing these shoes (3.37).
I had been having knee and ankle problems, spent a lot of money buying all kinds of running shoes getting all kinds of opinions from "experts" on the subject. Decided to go back to the basics and I am not looking back.
Thank you Nike."

4. "I just got my first pair or nike free runners yesterday an i ran in them around a lake near my house, n i must say it was a great experience. My feet felt so light and comfortable I couldnt believe it, these are probaly the most comfortable shoe ia have ever ran in. In fact they felt so good I told my brother an he is goin to get a pair tomorrow, an im goin to get another pair also. This shoe is a great inovation for runners."

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